What is the AKLU?

The American Kettlebell Lifters Union is comprised of Kettlebell Sport athletes, coaches, judges, event organizers, and other supporters. Our purpose is to promote the growth and development of this sport in the United States.


What does “For the Lifters, By the Lifters” mean?

We are all experienced Kettlebell Sport athletes, judges, and coaches, so we know what athletes are looking for in competition experiences and representation. We believe that meeting lifters’ needs first is the most effective way to help the sport grow.


How much is a membership?

Individual membership is $40 per year. We will be announcing sponsorship levels for clubs, teams, gyms, or other companies soon.


What will AKLU do with my membership dues?

AKLU will use all proceeds after our costs are met to develop Kettlebell Sport in the United States, including but not limited to providing savings opportunities for AKLU members to compete, learn, and promote sport in their parts of the country, to help offset costs of AKLU members who are competing internationally, and more. We will help connect our membership to coaches, judges, and events in their areas of the country. As a 501(c)3 corporation, our financial records are open to the public and we are committed to providing open and honest financial transparency for the benefit of our members. The Board of Directors are not paid; this is a strictly volunteer position.


Who can join?

Anyone with an interest in Kettlebell Sport can join! If you are under 18, your parent or guardian will need to join as the member, but you can be the one to use the member benefits. Both you and your parent/guardian can join our members-only Facebook group.


Is AKLU only for athletes who compete internationally?

AKLU is for all athletes of any level, rank, or experience. We know that not everyone has the goal of competing internationally or at the elite level, and we believe that lifters at ALL levels should have great experiences in our sport.


What can I expect AKLU to do for me as an athlete?

AKLU will work out agreements with the organizers of competitions, certifications, and other events to offer discounts for AKLU members. We will work with similar organizations in other countries as well as international Kettlebell Sport organizations, to help you make the most of opportunities around the world and make sense out of the ever-changing dynamics as this sport develops. AKLU members will be invited to a members-only Facebook group where we will discuss plans and strategies and get your input into how AKLU can best meet your needs. Members will also be able to run for and vote on Board of Director positions on our board.


How can I help AKLU?

Let us know if you have skills or expertise you’d like to volunteer to AKLU! We are looking for people to help with communications, finding events for us to work with, creating merchandise, bookkeeping, legal, and more.


What is an affiliate?

Affiliates are clubs, businesses, or individuals who provide a contribution (service or discount) to AKLU members.  Affiliates do not have voting rights within AKLU or access to member benefits, unless the associated individuals are also members. You can read more about our affiliates HERE, and you can read more about what an affiliate is and how to become an affiliate HERE.