The American Kettlebell Lifters Union is a lifter-focused organization

For the lifters - By the lifters.

We believe that the best way to grow Kettlebell Sport in the United States is to meet the needs of the lifters first. Lifters who understand how to progress in the sport, where to compete and learn about the sport, and who feel connected to each other and the larger goals of the sport will want to stay in the sport and will attract new lifters to the sport. Without a strong connection among US lifters, our sport will not develop and thrive as we all know it can.

We will provide a voice for US lifters to ensure that lifters have the best representation with elected leadership and a union that is run by a committee that is open and transparent, all with the goal of giving US Kettlebell Sport lifters the best experiences possible. We recognize that in the past, the needs of lifters have not been heard or addressed properly. The AKLU aims to fix this.
These needs include:
  • Providing athletes with a way to share their voice with international and national leagues.
  • Helping athletes understand how the various international and national Kettlebell Sport leagues work and how best to take advantage of their offerings for long term development.
  • Connecting lifters with other clubs, lifters, and coaches in their area and online.
  • Supporting and promoting US organizations in their efforts to grow and develop Kettlebell Sport.
  • Supporting athletes as they progress from beginner to elite.
We believe:
  • Leadership and representatives should be elected with an open voting process.
  • Clear, open, honest communication is essential to the development of lifters and this sport overall.
  • Financial transparency of the organization helps lifters know exactly how their money is being used.
  • Lifters of all ages, experience, and abilities will contribute to the growth of Kettlebell Sport in the US.
  • The many leagues and clubs all around the US offer valuable experiences to lifters, and contribute to the growth of Kettlebell Sport and the future of the sport in the United States. Any “Team USA” should be comprised of the best athletes without favoritism and regardless of league or organization allegiances.




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